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Crude Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil Flow Improver (COFI – HFFI) 

Infineum has developed a wide range of products that improve the fluidity of waxy crude oils, facilitating their transport by pipeline at temperatures well below their natural pour points. This same chemistry also modifies the wax crystal structures that form in residual fuel oils and can be used as a pour point depressant.

In using Infineum crude oil flow improvers (COFI) and heavy fuel oil flow improvers (HFFI), refinery and pipeline operators can expect to:

  • Minimize the use of expensive heated facilities for storage and transport
  • Bring solutions for refiners to meet pour point specification requirements and the ability to correct an off-spec heavy fuel oil batch
  • Increase refinery revenue by releasing the gasoil typically used to lower pour point

For many years, Infineum’s robust and harms-free product technologies have been used worldwide to treat waxy crude oils and heavy fuel oils successfully. Extensive harms testing and years of experience have also validated the safe use of our cold flow improvers, and lubricity additives in the field.

To learn more about the crude oil and heavy fuel oil flow improver products available from Infineum, please contact your local sales office or contact us directly
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