Infineum offers students the opportunity to get hands-on experience working alongside respected industry experts. You will have the opportunity to contribute to relevant and challenging projects as part of a global team.

This valuable and varied experience will help you to develop your skills and increase your prospects for future employment once your studies are complete.  In fact, many of our colleagues have joined Infineum after successful placements; therefore, we are keen to develop a close relationship with a view to possible future employment.

Assignments are available at our locations in Italy, US and Singapore (you must be legally eligible to work in the country for which you are applying).

Infineum Italia offers graduate and post-graduate students the opportunity to join our Operations team in providing technical support for the Process Manufacturing Units as an Operator or an Engineer. Our engineering internships are made in partnership with universities and are 6 months in duration.  We also periodically organise training courses for Operators for technical school graduates.

"I chose Infineum because I felt that people were making a difference. In that environment, I felt the potential growth was definitely higher."

Site Logistics Leader Vado Ligure, Italy


Our Requirements:

  • High School level in Chemistry (Perito Chimico)


Successful applicants will:

  • Be working toward a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Chemical Engineering or Industrial Chemistry (Laurea in Ingegneria Chimica / Laurea in Chimica Industriale)
  • Possess intermediate English skills
  • Have had some internship experience (preferred)
  • Have an adequate knowledge of statistics
  • Be able to manage multiple activities simultaneously
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be a strong team player with the ability to build and lead work teams
  • Have the ability to work autonomously

Recruiting Cycle
We accept CVs / resumes for Industrial Placements throughout the year.

Infineum USA offers students the opportunity to actively participate in meaningful projects as part of a team.  Assignments are available at our Bayway Chemical Plant or within one of the areas of our Research and Development Group.

Assignments may involve:

  • Providing technical support for the process manufacturing units
  • Developing and planning manufacturing process improvements
  • Formulating and performing analytical testing of motor oils
  • Providing technical support of Infineum products for customers

Successful students will:

  • Be working toward a Chemical Engineering degree
  • Be going into their 2nd or 3rd years of study
  • Have excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Demonstrate a high level of achievement in academics (3.0+ G.P.A.)
  • Possess a positive attitude and strong motivation to learn
  • Have the desire to prepare early for a successful career

Recruiting Cycle
We accept resumes for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Fall session begins in late August/early September. Spring session begins early January. Summer session begins late May/early June.

Infineum Singapore welcomes tertiary students participating in a student internship program of local universities and polytechnics to join us for their internship assignments. Over the years, we have welcomed students from faculties as diverse as Accountancy, Business Administration, Business Management, Chemistry, Chemical Process Technology,  Engineering (Chemical & Biomolecular and  Mechanical),  Human Resources and Marketing.

Recruiting Cycle

Tertiary students keen to explore Industrial Attachment Programme opportunities with Infineum in Singapore should register with the respective Career & Industrial Attachment Office of participating local universities and polytechnics.

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