18 July 2017

Infineum strives to bring the finest talent on offer to the global business. The recent Aspirational Social Practice for Graduates event held by Nanjing Tech University at the start of June provided a chance for the Infineum Zhangjiagang (ZJG) plant to showcase ‘real-life’ advanced technology, prospective insights and diverse cultures to a total of 50 graduate students from 12 top universities across Jiangsu province, China.

Alan Wu ZJG Plant HSSE Manager 200X300Alan Wu (ZJG Plant HSSE Manager)

The chemical engineering, technology, chemistry and material students, who will graduate with master degrees in 2018 and 2019, visited five selected companies, including DOW Chemical, PPG, Trinseo, Changshun and Infineum, within the Yangtze River International Chemical Industrial Park. The event was aimed at widening students’ innovative visions and motivating their aspirations by experiencing different industrial plants.

Alan Wu (ZJG Plant HSSE Manager) opened the visit by conducting safety training and emphasised how safety always comes first in Infineum.

He was followed by Gao Feng’s (ZJG Plant Manager) introduction to our plant and management systems.

Gao Feng ZJG Plant Manager 200X300Gao Feng (ZJG Plant Manager) 

Calvin Chen (ZJG Plant HR Specialist) then introduced our core values – CARES, as well as the career opportunities we offer to graduates.

Calvin Chen ZJG Plant HR Specialist 200X300Calvin Chen (ZJG Plant HR Specialist)

Our younger plant engineers also organised an office and site tour which was followed by refreshments. During the break, the students really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with colleagues.

After the break, colleagues and recent graduates from universities within Nanjing, Justin Ye, Tracy Zhang, Nemo Liu, Jason Hu, shared their experiences of working for Infineum.

Finally, there was an interactive discussion between colleagues and students which provided an excellent opportunity for many questions to be raised, as well a number of thought-provoking answers.

Interactive Session With Graduates 200X300Interactive session with graduates


A common theme throughout the day was the students’ admiration for our safety values and evident concern for our colleagues. They also expressed an interest to join Infineum upon graduating.

At the end of the day, everybody felt that it had been a great success. The event, which had been actively promoted by our management, had been thoroughly appreciated by the students and the organisers.

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