19 September 2017

Two Infineum colleagues, Sonia Oberoi and Isabella Goldmints, both Senior Technologists, have recently authored a new chapter on SV type technology in the Lubricant Additives: Chemistry and Applications, Third Edition. The new detailed and authoritative chapter is entitled ‘Hydrogenated Styrene Diene Co-polymer Viscosity Modifiers (HSD VMs)' and is a must-read for anyone new to Viscosity Modifiers and a valuable summary of key patents in the field.Book For Content


Lubricant Additives: Chemistry and Applications has been a standard Additives industry reference work for many years, but a major omission has been the lack of a chapter on the technology we use for the Infineum SV range of viscosity modifiers. This has been rectified in magnificent style by Sonia and Isabella who lay out a clear and comprehensive review of HSD VMs in the lubricant additives industry addressing polymer composition, properties and applications.

Isabella And Sonia 600X400
Sonia Oberoi (left) and Isabella Goldmints (right)

Thanks to Sonia and Isabella for their work to support positioning Infineum as the ‘go-to VM experts’!

This indispensable book is published by CRC Press and is also available to buy through leading book sellers.

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