25 January 2017

There was no doubt that Infineum Mexico made its presence known at the recent “Carrera por la salud” or “Race for health” in El Salto. The annual race, in its third year, promotes health and wellbeing by inviting all companies in the city’s industrial corridor to participate. Every year Infineum colleagues from El Salto and their families partake and each year their results improve!

Infineum colleagues, contractors, trainees and family members trained for several weeks to prepare for this much anticipated race. There was a good variety of Infineum representatives of all ages and genders taking part in both the 5km and 10km races.

Over all, more than 1,200 participants turned up to the event full of energy at the starting line!

At the end of the race there was good news for the Infineum team: 1st place in one category and 2nd place in another!

Everyone was very happy to have achieved their goals and to have participated in this great race. It was also an excellent bonding experience for the Infineum colleagues and other runners from different companies. 

“Our great results this year have certainly motivated the team and there are some who have already set their goals to improve and win at the next race. I am sure that there will be a lot more Infineum champions!” said Hector Hernandez, Infineum Production Scheduler.

Race For Health Winners Flag

Gabriela Torres raises the winner’s flag for Infineum

Race For Health Winners Podium

Hector Hernandez (first left) with friends

"My siblings and wife started very well and I was left far behind but I reached them in the end. I am very proud of my time (26 minutes / 5Km)." Enrique Flores (Electrical Technician)

"I feel great to have run 10 Km as I promised myself last year. I dedicate this race to my little son." Javier Manzano (Second Line Leader)

Gabriela Torres (Procurement) who was first place winner in the women’s race said: “Being on the podium is when you realise that all the effort was worth it.”

Race For Health

Infineum colleagues with their family/friends

Performance you can rely on.