16 February 2017

Infineum Zhangjiagang partners with local NGO for environmental education campaign

Infineum recently teamed up with “Green Hill” (a non-government organisation) of Jingang Town to run an environmental education programme in Zhangjiagang.

In addition to our corporate sponsorship, the campaign was also supported by colleagues who volunteered to take part in a series of environmental activities at Zhangjiagang’s Zhanwen Primary School. The campaign was designed to spread awareness on environmental preservation, reduce white pollution and advocate low-carbon life.

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To encourage the students to act as environmental advocates to save our planet and to encourage ‘green’ living, the volunteers introduced many simple steps that people can take to dramatically decrease white pollutions. For example, one of the easiest ways is to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags in daily life. The students embraced this practice and expressed their commitment to recommend this to their families, neighbours and friends. Environmently-friendly non-woven bags were given to each student and their parents to encourage this activity.

Everyone also took part in interactive activities such as ‘a Q&A environmental knowledge quiz’. In these interactive games, the participants deepened their understanding and knowledge of the concept of environmental protection.

Liu Chao, one of the volunteers from Infineum Zhangjiagang Plant, said: “Students are the future of our society and are more apt to accept new concepts than adults. The campaign could act as a strong reinforcement and inspiration on environmental preservation.”

Gao Feng, Plant Manager, added: "As a world-class enterprise, Infineum has been playing an active role to implement the corporate social responsibility in China. In addition to shouldering the social and environmental responsibilities, Infineum will continue to promote eco-friendly practices – our commitment to strengthening the ‘go green’ movement in China."


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