28 February 2017

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Infineum International Limited has announced its partnership with Logility, Inc., to adopt its suite of optimised supply chain management solutions.

Using Logility Voyager Solutions™, an online business planning platform, Infineum is targeting the inventory and shipment aspects of its supply chain, with the aim of optimising operational efficiencies and advancing customer service excellence.

This innovative system has been designed for Infineum to streamline with its existing planning system using Logility’s Voyager AdapLink template-based integration approach to ensure that customer and operational output remains synchronised throughout.

Our aim is to improve our inventory targeting system and reduce working capital while enhancing our service level

said Ursula Thakkar, Head, Global Supply Chain and Planning, Infineum. “The multi-echelon inventory optimisation capabilities in Logility Voyager Solutions will allow us to quickly identify the reasons for inventory challenges and reduce manual intervention required by inventory planners. Logility will help us optimise our supply chain and ensure our team is able to focus on strategic growth initiatives for the company.”

“Infineum operates in a complex, capital-intensive supply chain” said Allan Dow, president, Logility. “Logility Voyager Solutions will help remove working capital from the supply chain by intelligently placing inventory across the network and allowing Infineum the flexibility to manage through demand uncertainty and supply volatility. We look forward to a close partnership as we help Infineum optimise its supply chain.”

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