Innovative Electrochlorination Electrodes

Highly efficient and reliable coated electrochlorination anodes with significantly reduced precious metal content.

Water treatment operators are looking for more efficient solutions that reduce operational costs and decrease carbon intensity. Ship owners and operators need highly efficient systems to effectively meet the latest International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations for ballast water treatment systems (BWTS). Chlor-alkali plant operators want coated titanium electrodes that reliably deliver energy savings.

Infineum’s innovative electrochlorination electrodes can deliver the efficiency improvements you need.  Incorporating a new catalyst technology, our high-performance coating uses sustainable raw materials to give excellent performance.

We will put your business needs at the heart of our solution. If you are looking for improved electrochlorination anodes to accelerate your sustainability journey, we are ready to work together to incorporate them in your systems.

Call us today to find out how Infineum’s innovative electrochlorination anodes can enable a decarbonised and sustainable future.

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