Lubes Technology Customer Technical Service provides technical support to our target lubricant-blending customer, conducts and documents engine and bench test programs to qualify Infineum’s engine oil additives in these customers’ base oils, and helps them enhance the value proposition of their products in the marketplace.

This role will be part of the Asia Pacific team supporting Crankcase and Small Engines products primarily to serve India customers. An understanding of customer needs is pivotal, delivery against customer needs through the application of additive technologies and viscosity modifiers in specific base stock and performance needs. The role requires collaboration with Sales, Marketing colleagues, and Lubes Product Development colleagues in other regions. The successful candidate will provide direct technical support to a group of customers and is the focal point for technical information and support for lubes products and information.

Key Outputs: What we can expect from you
  • Provide product recommendations and technical support data directly to assigned customers in India and across Asia Pacific regions.

  • Plan, execute and document engine and bench testing approval programs. 

  • Develop and maintain performance claims documentation of Lubes products, including technical information for market general or customer-specific products.

  • Carrying out bespoke product development programmes and/or high level technical collaboration programmes as required by customers and OEMs.

  • Communication and information exchanges within Lubes Product and Lubes Enabling.

  • Work closely with Sales and marketing colleagues on product value positioning to identify key/emerging business opportunity

  • Develop customer relationship and explore collaboration opportunities

  • Any other responsibilities as assigned

What skills will you gain from this role?

The position is directly exposed to the customer interface and will provide one with a unique learning opportunity and perspective to appreciate the inter-relationships between Marketing & Technology, Supply and Sales.  One will be given technical responsibility for customer accounts, projects and activities with a clear connection to the market, from idea conception through commercialization of new products. There is a possibility to develop varied technical expertise, an understanding of how additives and lubricants work inside the complex environment of a combustion engine, and an insightful view on how the engine oils of the future are created through the work of equipment manufacturers, lubricant and additive companies.

A successful candidate is likely to have:
  • Excellent technical competencies with a strong science background (e.g. in chemistry or engineering).

  • Excellent technical communication (written, verbal and presentation skills)

  • Strong interpersonal, networking and communication skills with ability to develop personal relationships with customers and colleagues to work effectively in teams.

  • Able to identify and understand customer needs, manage expectations and deliver on commitments while building relationships at the customer interface

  • Ability to effectively balance work priorities and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Knowledge of lubricant industry, lubricant formulation or technology development activities would be advantageous.

  • Strong commitment to Infineum safety and quality values.


Closing Date

31 March 2020


Mumbai, India

Role Function and Group

Asia Pacific Lubes Product Technology, AP PD/CTS

Application process