The role combines two aspects:

  • Regional Team Leader, formally supervising two Technologists based on the same site
    • One is responsible for the execution of Product Development Projects; the other is responsible for executing projects not directly related to the Development Technologist part of your role. You are responsible for full leadership responsibilities, including but not limited to setting expectations, goals and deliverables, providing guidance/support, and , monitoring and addressing delivery and performance.
  • Product Development Technologist in charge of the development and maintenance of Infineum’s Global MDCL portfolio of products, as well as of collaborative Projects together with Crosshead engines OEMs. To execute effectively on these projects, you will have the support of one of the Technologists reporting to you, as well as the general resources of the Global team you belong to, and other related, support groups such as Field-Testing/Engineering.

The role reports to the Global Team Manager, currently based in Singapore. This role will collaborate closely with other global teams to decide on global projects and priorities.

This role includes frequent interactions with stakeholders such as Infineum’s Marketing, Industry Liaison, customer-facing Deployment Technologists, and Component Development Technologists; and occasional interactions with external stakeholders such as OEMs, selected Customers, and Event Organizers (for example, conferences and exhibitions).

Key Outputs: What we can expect from you
  • Carry out all activities in the formal leadership of two Technologists
  • Design new generation MDCL products, in some cases from scratch, and execute corresponding Development Projects
  • Upgrade and Maintain existing generation MDCL products against evolving OEM and/or customer requirements
  • Take ownership of Collaborative Technology Projects with selected OEMs
  • Support Deployment Technologists by, most of the time, addressing their questions; and occasionally, visit a customer as Infineum’s resident MDCL Technology expert
  • Support Infineum’s IP policy, included by proposing Patent memos and applications
  • Actively contribute to the running of the Global Team via presence in the Steering Group
  • Any additional responsibilities as assigned
A successful candidate is likely to have:
  • Interest for supervising staff, and willingness to dedicate the time and energy required to help your direct reports progress
  • Interest for diving into technological challenges, when and where necessary, down to the root cause of the problem
  • Comfort with a degree of ambiguity and unknown, combined with a drive to bring clarity out of chaos
  • Drive to lead stakeholders to agree once you have identified the best solution for Infineum
  • Strong inter-personal, networking anc communication skill with an ability to develop personal relationships with stakeholders and colleagues and work effectively in teams, including across regions
  • Some knowledge of lubricant industry, lubricant formulation, technology development activities and/or engine technology is required
  • Able to plan and execute Projects, able to work on multiple Projects simulatenously
  • Willingness to spend approximately 10% of time on travel, mostly to Europe and/or Asia
  • Strong commitment to Infineum safety, quality and integrity values

Closing Date

15 March 2020


New Jersey, USA

Role Function and Group

Global Lubricants Product Technology, Large Engines Group

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