Carolina Silva

Carolina Silva

How long have you worked for Infineum, including the internship period?

I joined Infineum on 1 April 2013 as a Sales intern. After one year in this role, I started to work for the Technology Deployment Team in the Chemist position for the Rio de Janeiro site. 

How did you manage to get your internship?

I knew about the internship opportunity when talking to one of my university classmates. He was a Sales intern and he knew I was looking for an opportunity. So after passing through the HR process, I started to work with the Sales team.

Do you think your internship improved your career perspectives? If so, how?
For sure! Before becoming a Sales trainee, I’ve never thought that I’d like to work in the commercial area, as during the Chemical Engineering graduation, I considered myself as a 100% technical profile. However, after one year working with the Sales Team, I figured out that the commercial area is very interesting and it opened my mind in terms of being potentially an area to come back to work in the future!

What were your first impressions from our organisation when you started your career?

Infineum is a company that takes care of you. Shortly after I’d joined, I could see that all interns were involved in key activities with a good level of responsibility, which helped me to quickly learn many things! Moreover, it was a great incentive knowing that the majority of colleagues also joined as interns, from people in junior positions, right through to senior management.

In your opinion, has the organisation changed throughout the years? If so, how?

Yes! I can see more and more the whole organisation having access to great learning opportunities, such as cross-functional and cross-regional projects. This is a good way to motivate young people about their careers and open the dialogue about inclusiveness and diversity. We may be remotely located, but we’re still involved in global projects.

What advice would you give to the current Infineum trainees?

I advise that they do not let the internship to become only “something to be done for the university curriculum”. If there is something to do, do it the best way you can. If there is nothing to do, find or create something! I also consider important to ask for periodic feedbacks to your direct supervisor, so you know if you’re following the right direction.

The biggest gift from the youngest generation is its perspective of the world and their fresh academic experience, so if they use this gift to bring new ideas to the corporate environments, the whole organisation will win!

Last but not least, I’d recommend to them to learn a bit about the company core businesses, so they avoid getting stuck only to their day-by-day activities and will have a broader view of the organisation.

How to apply for an internship?

Infineum recruits on specific university campuses during the Autumn and Spring sessions. To determine if we will be attending your school/college/university, contact your careers centre for details specific to your campus. Internship opportunities are also posted at select universities, and annual application deadlines are included in posted opportunities.

All applicants receive email notification when their information is received. Qualified candidates of interest will be notified directly by the Human Resources function.

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