Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert

How long have you been working for Infineum, including the internship period?

I have been working for the organisation for over thirty years.

How did you manage to get your internship?

It was through my university.

Do you think your internship improved your career perspectives? If so, how?

Yes, it was my first professional experience outside of an academic environment, it provided me with a good perspective of job dynamics in a private organisation, and that has been very important to my entire career.

What were your first impressions from our organisation when you started your career?

A highly ethical organisation, which respects its employees and values colleague development.

In your opinion, has the organisation changed throughout the years? If so, how?

The organisation has become less hierarchical and less bureaucratic, but has kept its high ethical standards and solid systems of quality and safety.

What advice would you give to the current Infineum trainees?

Search to learn and bring in new ideas. We are always searching for people who are eager to learn and surprise us with ideas of how to improve our products and processes.

How to apply for an internship?

Infineum recruits on specific university campuses during the Autumn and Spring sessions. To determine if we will be attending your school/college/university, contact your careers centre for details specific to your campus. Internship opportunities are also posted at select universities, and annual application deadlines are included in posted opportunities.

All applicants receive email notification when their information is received. Qualified candidates of interest will be notified directly by the Human Resources function.

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