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Colleagues share their views on the culture at Infineum

I find Infineum a really positive place to work. That sound like I'm just reading from a brochure but is actually a really positive place to work. The work environment at Infineum is very open, it's fair, people trust you when they give you a job. You are empowered to do your job without people micro-managing you. It's a professional environment but it can be a fun environment too. If we spend a significant amount of our time here working, it's very important that we know each other and get along, and we can have a good time while we work. We do a lot of things with the community, so a lot of folks work for United Way or Habitat for Humanity, so I see that in a lot of people that I work with and that helps to build that trust. I like working for Infineum because of the culture we have in this company. It's very people centric which is something that I like very much. We really care for people. And it's not just words. It's shown in the way we manage issues and the people. Very flexible in terms of the things that you need to take care of at home. If you've got to go to a doctor's appointment or pick up a child from school or whatever. There is a tremendous amount of mutual respect here. From contractors, to visitors, to customers that come through and of course between teams. We have people from across the globe so you will not feel lost here; it's like home. There's a lot of respect for everyone. For different jobs, for different cultures, different levels of people. Everyone has something to contribute and everyone's contribution is really valued. In many interviews with people, we find out a lot of people, other than looking for a career and money, they are looking for a home. And I think that many who stay here a long time consider Infineum a home.

Why you should join Infineum

  • We are a highly successful, global organisation and a leader in the fuels and lubricant additive business
  • Our products are essential for improving fuel economy and reducing emissions
  • Our brand proposition 'Performance you can rely on' is based on Technology Excellence, Reliability and Collaboration
  • We are friendly, flexible and small enough for everyone to make a real impact

We value initiative

  • We are committed to a safe working environment where 'Nobody Gets Hurt'
  • We value integrity and maintain the highest standard of ethics in all the countries in which we operate
  • We meet our commitments to our stakeholders through a relentless focus on reliability, flawless execution and customer satisfaction
  • We are leaders in technology, and to maintain leadership we share knowledge freely internally, collaborate and strive to innovate
  • Our approaches are inclusive and based on mutual respect, openness and trust
  • We value initiative and personal leadership

A career with us offers variety and challenge

Besides an enjoyable and healthy work environment, a career with us offers:

  • Varied and challenging roles with significant autonomy and early responsibility
  • Opportunity to participate in and/or lead high performing, culturally diverse teams
  • A competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Compensation and salary growth linked to individual performance and company success

We are committed to development

  • We employ high quality people and are committed to ensuring that every colleague has the opportunity to grow and develop their portfolio of skills and experience within their existing discipline or across other functions
  • We encourage development initiatives through joint discussion between colleagues and their leaders so as to build new skills, knowledge and experience
  • We invest in development programmes to build capabilities and unleash talent
  • Colleagues with the potential to reach senior leadership positions are identified, assessed and provided with appropriate accelerated development opportunities

Infineum CARES

At Infineum we have five core values that convey our beliefs and aims of conduct as an ethical organisation.

Learn more about "Infineum CARES".

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