At Infineum, we support our teams through our compelling reward package encouraging performance and value. We offer a host of learning and development opportunities, a safe and reliable work environment, and competitive health and retirement benefits to support you and family.

Infineum recognises that to attract and retain exceptional colleagues we need to reward their efforts through a merit-oriented compensation programme.

Employee Engagement

Every two years we ask all colleagues to give their honest opinions about Infineum.  Using a specialist survey provider, we seek to discover how our colleagues feel about areas as diverse as; decision making, leadership, collaboration and learning and development.

Employee Appreciation Programmes

We believe that anyone can nominate their colleagues for outstanding contributions.  Thank You Awards are designed to ensure immediate, reasonable and appropriate recognition to teams and individual colleagues for exceptional achievements or specific efforts that are beneficial to Infineum business and performance.  An Infineum Special Recognition Award (ISRA) is a tool to reward major one off achievements by an individual or a team that are truly above and beyond reasonable expectations.

Opportunities for growth

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Colleagues discuss career progression at Infineum

This is a company of engineers for the most part and they move everywhere from Sales to Procurement to the two engineering type roles. There's opportunities to move into Deployment and work with customers on engine testing. There's opportunities to move into Technology and opportunities to move into the business areas as well. If you deliver what is required of you there are a lot of opportunities at Infineum to grow. We do have Open Resourcing, which means if there is an open position in any department, we do have opportunities for internal colleagues to apply for that job. And that's the thing I think is brilliant about Infineum, because even though I'm in the Sales team at the moment, there is nothing at all, no barriers to stop me moving into Supply Chain or Procurement or Technology. Having a technical background really does open up a lot of doors in Infineum. There's a lot of opportunities for us to grow in a sense, and also for us to gain experience in our exposure of aspects of the business. We do have a lot of projects and everyone will be given equal opportunity to participate in the projects to allow them to grow in their jobs. You have to want it and you have to go after these opportunities when they arise.
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