Our customers value Infineum for our Technology Excellence, Reliability and Collaboration.   These attributes underpin our brand promise: Performance you can rely on.

Our brand is made real through what we do and how we behave; not only in our external relationships with customers but also in the way we deal with colleagues.

Technology is at the heart of all we do at Infineum. We need talent to be versatile and lead the field with our technology. At Infineum, we are proud that we develop individuals almost exclusively from within. This means we are not just offering you your first job out of university, we are recruiting you with the expectation you will grow into one of our future leaders.

Life at Infineum

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Colleagues share their thoughts on life at Infineum

Infineum is a global organisation with operations in more than 15 countries.

This is what our colleagues say about working at Infineum.

"Infineum has a very inclusive and diverse culture. I believe every employee and potential new hire has an equal opportunity, regardless of gender or race." Audrey, Customer Service Co-Ordinator

"I wanted to work for Infineum after hearing positive feedback from two fellow graduates. My expectations were exceeded in many ways." Maria, Technologist 

"I enjoy collaborating with technical experts and specialists to solve challenging and complex operational problems. I have led process changes that have had real impact." Shawn, Project Leader Supply

"As a technologist, I thrive on the technical rigor, innovation and collaboration that goes behind developing and deploying the market-leading product platforms. Leading a complex, multimillion-dollar technology project in my second year at Infineum, is incredible" Yin-Tat, Technologist

"I love that my job is never the same every day, and that my role as a technician covers so many different aspects of technology, and does not allow me to be complacent in my field." Ivana, Lubricants Research and Development Technician

"You get opportunities to work with colleagues not only from your own area but also from other functions and locations." Xiaobo, Technologist

"I think we foster inclusion and a feeling that everyone is valued. Infineum is nurturing; it encourages its employees to do well, and has structures to support them along the way." Hayleigh, Chemist

"I get to work in a wide range of areas and interact with people across the organisation. Every day there's a new challenge and opportunity to learn new skills." Mark, Technologist

"It is very clear how my work provides value to the organisation." Liliana, Engineering Specialist

A different kind of company

With almost 2000 colleagues worldwide, everyone plays an integral role in Infineum's performance. Our relatively flat organisational structure enables you to challenge yourself by taking on interesting projects and moving into new roles.

Infineum’s culture is one of high trust. Because we value the contribution that colleagues make to our business success, we aim to be an understanding and flexible employer, with a number of policies that support a life-friendly approach.

We don't simply have offices in multiple countries. At Infineum, you'll regularly interface with teammates and colleagues from around the globe. Your leader might work in another country. Your project team might represent various regions. You could accept an assignment that transports you to another continent.

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