18 June 2020

Throughout May, Infineum colleagues demonstrated their compassion and generosity by donating $690,000 to a wide range of charities around the world.

Covid-19 has caused extraordinary global disruption, with the charitable sector hit especially hard. Many charities are having to deliver additional services, to the most vulnerable in society, with fewer volunteers and staff members, at a time when traditional fundraising activities are simply not an option. This series of articles highlights how Infineum colleagues support their local communities and make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives.

First up, we focus on efforts in Brazil, where colleagues were swift to support two local health facilities by donating vital PPE equipment.

Tiago de Carvalho, General Director of Municipal Health Centers, was very moved by Infineum’s actions and sent a special thank you letter (pictured right) which said:

We would like to emphasise the greatness of the act… {the equipment} will be a tool to stop the spread of the virus in general and, especially, within the hospital complex itself.

Each of the following health centres in Ilha do Governador, where Infineum Brazil is located, received 500 disposable surgical masks, 100 pairs of safety glasses, 100 sets of surgical scrubs and 100 face shields:

  • Centro Municipal de Saúde Necker Pinto at which health professionals make first contact with those with symptoms and decide if hospital treatment is necessary or not. Infineum has a longstanding relationship with the unit, which has helped with health campaigns on Infineum Brazil’s site
  • Hospital Municipal Evandro Freire which is the frontline for COVID-19 treatment in the community

    As with many locations around the world, Brazilian hospitals are suffering from a lack of PPE and a considerable number of healthcare professionals are contracting the virus while working. Our colleagues felt proud to be part of a company that practices social responsibility and helps its local community.

Ronaldo Resende, Community Relations Representative, said:

I feel happy and honoured to work for a company which makes this kind of donation.

José Viana, Fuels Manufacturing Technology Manager, added:

The word ‘unprecedented’ is being used to exhaustion at the moment, but it is the best way to describe the current situation. All of society needs to play its part to help – from individuals donating money, time and skills, to companies helping their local communities.
In Brazil, we have a long history of helping the community and wouldn’t choose to do any different in this situation. It was the right thing to do and I am very proud of our role as a socially responsible organisation.
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