09 September 2019

Our new family friendly global standard is making life that little bit easier for fathers across Infineum.

At this wonderful but exhausting time of their lives, we caught up with colleagues who have recently taken advantage of our new four-week minimum parental leave entitlement after the arrival of a demanding new family member.

Contact Engineer Jason Hu was the first person at our Zhangjiagang plant in China to take four weeks paternity leave after the arrival of his daughter in April. Jason told us;

It allowed me to have more time and energy to support my family at one of the most important times in my life - to witness my daughter’s growth at the very beginning of her life and to better balance my work and home life.

AdrianAnd when Oliver Jago Gray Bourdeaux was born on Valentine’s Day this year, his father Adrian, a Technologist at our UK site, felt the new parental leave global standard made a big difference in being able to support his wife over a longer time period, not just in the “blurry” first few days.

“It was great to have the flexibility to choose when I took leave to fit in with my work priorities, and therefore spend real quality time getting to know my son and witness many of his ‘firsts’ such as smiling, giggling and rolling over,” said Adrian (pictured right with Oliver at age 24 hours).

Parental leave flexibility was also appreciated by Max Ma, a Supply Chain Advisor based in Singapore, whose son Jeriah was born in January just a few days after the standard came into effect.

Max“It takes time for a newborn to establish a routine and sleep well through the night and it’s useful to be able to use parental leave to stay at home, cope and adapt. I could also take Jeriah for vaccinations he needed in the first few months, and be there when he wasn’t well,” explained Max.

He believes there can be a social stigma about dads taking parental leave as they are seen to need to bond with their children less. Max told us how appreciative he was that both his boss and colleagues had been so understanding about his need to take parental leave, occasionally at short notice.

HenryFor Henry Vieira, Shift Team Leader at our Brazil plant, it was important for him to be present to support his wife during the very first month of his daughter Isabely’s life when she arrived in February.

It meant he could focus on his family without worrying about potentially having to take unplanned absence due to his daughter’s clinical needs and the knock-on impact that might have had on his work responsibilities.

While parental leave for Sam Pabalinas, Lab Supervisor at our North American Business and Technology Centre means he will be able to go on vacation with his wife and three children later in the year. When his daughter Hannah Joy Pabalinas (pictured below right) weighed in at 7 lbs 9oz in March, he had been planning to use all his annual holiday entitlement to support his wife immediately after the birth.

Sam“Our new daughter was born after a caesarean. The recovery time was lengthy and painful at times and my wife needed help with our two older children. Thanks to Infineum’s new parental leave standard, I was able to be home and still keep my vacation time. Otherwise, my family would have to go on vacation without me,” he explained.

Jason and Adrian summed up how it made them feel about working for Infineum.

“This benefit embodies Infineum's CARES values and is another Inclusiveness & Diversity milestone. With such a culture and values, I firmly believe that the future of Infineum will be more brilliant and beautiful,” said Jason.

While Adrian added:

Many of my peers at other businesses do not have this benefit and I find it empowering to work for a company that is progressive in this area. I am a very happy (but tired) man!

Our parental leave global standard

Parents of babies born or adopted on, or after, 1 January 2019, even at Infineum locations where local law or practices do not require it, are eligible for a minimum of four weeks paid parental leave. In keeping with our commitment to inclusiveness and diversity and recognising the importance of all roles, this applies to birth mothers, fathers and adopting parents.

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