Giovanni Roetto | Plant Operator | Italy


Giovanni’s passion for the little things in life stems from his roots.

Being raised in a family that cares deeply for people and the planet has instilled a sense of stewardship and compassion in Plant Operator Giovanni Roetto.

He believes in the importance of small gestures in making a profound difference collectively.

From an early age, Giovanni and his twin brother, Enrico, enjoyed helping others within their community and this philosophy has stayed with them throughout adulthood. Every week, Giovanni gives up his time to support others.

That is why when the Global Volunteering Standard was launched in 2021, Giovanni felt a profound sense of pride working for Infineum Italia, as it is something he cares about too.

He was also excited as it meant that many more colleagues, who may not normally have the time to volunteer, could easily take time out with Infineum to make a significant impact within our communities.

He hopes they will also get the personal satisfaction that he does from transforming someone’s day. He says with genuine passion:

You get back more than you put in when you dedicate your time to helping others, it means so much to the lives you touch.

Giovanni understands the true value of this first-hand. When he was younger, his father had a stroke which resulted in the Red Cross, a charity which helps those in need, stepping in to help him and his family out. He was inspired and is passing this goodwill forward to help others in need, as his family once was.

For that reason, Giovanni regularly volunteers for the Red Cross and was able to commit more time to this valuable cause by spending his volunteering day there, which included taking people to hospital for appointments, treatment, and care.

Giovanni finds joy and comfort in the simplest things in life, which he believes comes from his father who loved peacefully spending time in nature.

He was reminded of this passion during his volunteer day when he helped an elderly man spend some time outside. After discovering the gentleman was a keen sailor back in his day, Giovanni took him to the seaside.

He was ever so grateful, with the biggest smile on his face – Giovanni quite simply made his day by doing such a simple, but important, thing.

This translates into his working life too. He is proud to be a part Infineum’s sustainability journey. For him that means making the Vado plant run more efficiently and sustainably.

He and his colleagues pay a lot of attention to optimising operations and minimising waste. It all contributes to the bigger picture.

It really is quite simple for Giovanni:

We have no ‘planet B’ and must take care of the planet and the people who live on it. Small gestures can do so much.
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