Kerry Cogen | Lead Technologist | USA


Kerry’s patience and passion for science inspires others.

Kerry believes sustainability covers a whole scope of topics, but overall it's about trying to make the world a better place to live.

Her knowledge, patience and empathy enable her to make a positive impact in inspiring the next generation. It is something she has enjoyed and spent a lot of time doing for many years.

In 2021 Kerry and five of her colleagues were selected to take part in a local New Jersey initiative, giving advice to students on their future careers virtually. Kerry felt honoured to be selected.

I can still recall important role models in my youth who motivated and inspired me along my career path. It is very powerful, looking back, that I have the potential to do the same.

Kerry’s patience and listening skills have always been integral in mentoring and nurturing students at the early stages of their career journeys. She really cares about trying to match their personal interests up to the right pathway.

Kerry remembers having a brief chat in her office with a very capable student, encouraging her to go to graduate school. Upon accepting Kerry’s guidance and eventually graduating, the student invited Kerry to her family graduate celebration to show her appreciation and gratitude.

Kerry was incredibly pleased and humbled that many years later that informal conversation had such a considerable influence.

I believe one of the greatest compliments is being asked for career advice from younger students, I wish I did it more when I was in school

Always inspired and motivated by her own three children, Kerry’s significant contributions to the industry and the wider community were honoured at the 2021 Tribute to Women in Industry (TWIN) Awards.

Patience extends into Kerry’s personal life as a keen quilter, creating new intricate designs in her spare time. It began as a calming hobby in graduate school to escape the busyness of academic life. It then transpired into a pastime with purpose.

Kerry created around 350 masks for family and friends during the pandemic. Recently she also sold handmade baby’s quilts to raise funds for a local woman’s shelter. Her longest ever project spanned ten years, amongst the business of everyday life!

One thing Kerry strongly promotes to the younger generation considering a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is the many opportunities it can bring. Her career is a testament to that.

As a deep technical expert at our Linden Business and Technology Centre in the United States, she still finds her role at Infineum exciting after being at the company for 17 years. She overcomes challenges and learns new things every single day.

Being a contributor within the Power Transmission Fluids team when developing the first electric vehicle fluid to market is a particular career highlight. As the market continues to evolve, so does her excitement to find innovative solutions to meet the new challenges.

Patience encompasses Kerry’s role, interest and hobbies. This, combined with her earnest approach, has successfully impacted the lives of many young people throughout her career.

She will continue to inspire the next generation.


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