Paul Bonner | Technologist | UK

It’s a marathon for Paul, not a sprint.

It's about using what we’ve got to the best of our ability – whether it be our time and physical energy, natural resources like sunlight, or the fuel in your car. What matters is using it in the most effective way.

This stems from Paul’s bugbear – being wasteful. With that in mind, Paul didn’t let the opportunity to volunteer on Infineum's time go to waste. He spent it helping NHS staff deliver on the vaccination roll-out during the pandemic.

He interacted with about 600 members of the public, albeit sometimes briefly. For Paul, a high point was advising and supporting a nervous elderly lady to get her Covid-19 and flu vaccine, so she could feel safer in the community.

Already an active volunteer in his local community, Paul knows all too well the challenges outreach groups like charities face in attracting and retaining volunteers. Everyday life simply gets in the way.

That’s why he believes the Global Volunteering Standard launched by the Sustainability Team will create a real impact. It allows people that extra time to go and make a difference, and the flexibility of choice is an added bonus.

In 2021, Paul dialled his efficiency mantra up a notch and decided to run to work and back to raise money for charity. This was no easy challenge – not a short run down the road, but a 55.8 mile round trip, totalling two marathons. Plus he had a full day of meetings in between.

Setting off, he wasn’t sure if he would even be able to complete the challenge. So when he reached the end, after running some legs of the journey with other colleagues, he felt a great sense of pride, but also shock and disbelief.

Many of us have saved on commuting costs whilst working from home," says Paul. "I wanted to do my bit to encourage my colleagues to get their steps in and donate some of their saved funds to Orchard Counselling in Oxfordshire.

When it comes to Sustainability at Infineum, Paul has seen a lot interest from customers since joining in 2019. He is always prepared to answer queries and act on requests – especially as lots of work has already been done in this domain.

Paul’s passion project is running off renewable energy. After installing solar panels in his own home, he has become something of an expert. He now helps family and friends start their renewable energy journey. He sees immense value in harvesting natural resources to create energy, instead of it going to waste.

Paul has two children and feels his efforts help contribute to building a future for them. He is trying his best to use all resources efficiently to help the planet, and overall be less wasteful.

It is a marathon not a sprint, after all.


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