During 2020, a vast number of volunteering activities began when the Infineum community stepped up to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, contributing significantly to the commitments and targets of SDG 3, Good Health and Wellbeing.

Covid-19 community donation initiative

In May 2020, we launched a global community donation initiative, in which Infineum matched colleague donations to charities either directly impacted by or supporting the Covid-19 crisis. In addition, colleagues had the option to donate to our three nominated global charities: Doctors without Borders; Direct Relief; and Action Against Hunger, with Infineum matching their donation. This initiative was widely supported throughout our business and within a short timeframe, Infineum raised $690,000 for the chosen charities.

To hear directly from some of our colleagues who took part please watch this video:

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To hear directly from some of our colleagues who took part please watch this video.

In addition to this global initiative, colleagues also supported their local communities through these challenging times.

Our North America colleagues produced face masks for local hospitals, long-term care facilities and key workers, as well as their own families. While in Brazil, our colleagues donated vital Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) to two local healthcare facilities: Centro Municipal de Saude Necker Pinto and Hospital Municipal Evandro Freire, whose frontline workers were suffering from a lack of resources.

UK colleagues supported their local community and through our SMILE programme (Milton Hill’s community outreach team), with Infineum donating to 12 different charities. 135 colleagues from our site in the UK, clocked a total of 33 million steps – roughly equating to walking around the earth – to raise funds for the Abingdon Damascus Youth Project helping young people make a positive difference in their local communities.

During the initial peak of Covid-19, global supply for hand sanitiser plunged. Our sites in Italy and Germany took matters into their own hands, with chemical experts creating our own in-house sanitiser, following the World Health Organization’s recommended formulation. This in-house sanitisers was used to protect Infineum colleagues but was also donated to Cologne’s local fire departments. In addition, Cologne colleagues also donated face masks and safety goggles to local healthcare facilities, and donated meals to the homeless.

Italian colleagues donated an hour or more of their salaries to charity to support local hospitals. In doing this, we were able to donate a portable pulmonary ventilator to each of the three local hospitals in Vado Ligure, which had seen major pressure on their medical equipment and resources.

Infineum Singapore colleagues raised $20,000 towards The Courage Fund, which helps and supports vulnerable members of the local community, including frontline workers, health care workers and community volunteers who have been impacted by Covid-19.

Infineum colleagues in China raised funds to buy face masks and stationery supplies for two schools in West China - Liangshan, county of Sichuan province and TaiAn, county of Gansu province. Our Manufacturing Plant in Zhangjiagang also continued this support by donating parcels of personal hygiene items and letters of encouragement to local students as well as their families.

Support in Singapore

In Singapore, funds were donated by the Office Safety Committee, on behalf of colleagues to the Home Nursing Foundation (HNF), who provide medical, nursing, and personal care to patients at home. The donation helped ‘grant a wish’ for socially isolated patients who needed medical supplies, equipment, and essential groceries, as well as subsidising medical and nursing costs. Our donation of $12,000 was matched by The Tote Board, which resulted in HNF receiving $24,000 in total.

Asia Pacific Sales Director John Hong said:

COVID-19 has caused huge hardship for the less fortunate among us. Our donation to this worthy cause will not only help patients, but this generous act of giving will also warm the hearts of all our colleagues

HNF in action, providing medical support and personal care to patients at home.

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