Zhixiang Bai | Plant Technical Manager | Singapore

Introvert Zhixiang steps into the spotlight.

Plant Technical Manager Zhixiang Bai stepped out of his comfort zone and into the spotlight to help young people thrive in their careers.

When Zhixiang was asked to appear on film to promote careers in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths (STEM) as part of a Singapore youth initiative, being innately modest and generally happy to remain in the background, he had to be persuaded.

But it certainly helped that he is passionate about sustainability, frequently joining Infineum beach clean-ups and tree planting activities.

For me sustainability goes beyond how businesses operate and things like recycling waste materials.
It's also about how we can support and enable nature and people, including young people and local communities, to thrive and flourish.

Having joined Infineum in 2015, Zhixiang says he is really starting to see Infineum’s sustainability agenda gather momentum and become more integral in his day-to-day technical support role.

As chairperson of the plant’s internal sustainability, water and energy conservation committee, he is at the forefront of helping to reduce water and energy use and operate the plant more efficiently.

Through his involvement in recruiting graduates, Zhixiang is aware of the interest young people have in sustainability and its importance in ensuring Infineum is an attractive career option.

Taking part in the film, a National Youth Council initiative, was an opportunity to showcase what working in a plant looks, and perhaps more importantly, feels like.

Initially intended to promote STEM careers locally, the film has been extremely successful, receiving nearly 1,000 views on YouTube and being used globally to promote STEM.

Having initially felt that he wasn’t right for the main character role, Zhixiang was surprised by the end result and subsequent response.

Now, he is delighted that young people will have access to a new perspective on a potential career, and also that the plant was presented in a ‘photogenic’ way!

He was keen to acknowledge the invaluable support he received from fellow colleagues before stepping in front of the lens. His 'lights, camera, action star' appearance is not one he is focused on, or repeating any time soon, preferring to give others any opportunities that arise in the future – though he would be happy to be an extra…

Outside the spotlight, it is his full-time role as a father to his beloved baby daughter Lily that’s most important. Zhixiang also enjoys spending time with his mini dachshund Mike – a supportive calming influence when you’re asked to step outside your comfort zone.

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