We are an inclusive organisation that values diversity and where colleagues feel they can bring their whole selves to work in a truly inclusive workplace. Inclusion and Diversity is embedded in our business and is a key aspect of one of our core values – Respect for People and the Environment. We aim for equity throughout the complete colleague life cycle, with particular focus on external recruitment, internal development and appointments as well as the systems that underpin our support infrastructure. We have practices in place to identify and remove potential bias and continuously look for ways to learn from best practice, bring in new ideas and drive inclusivity.

Action on inclusion & diversity includes:

  • A global network of I&D champions, based in ten locations to help drive local conversation and action on inclusion – including commissioning bespoke training, guest speakers, and translating global initiatives into local events and discussion forums that connect colleagues and invited guest speakers to share insights on a large range of topics.
  • An international group of I&D executive sponsors providing regional leadership, and support to champion community programmes to amplify the importance of inclusion across the organisation.
  • Delivering tailored training programmes, including unconscious bias training for all Infineum colleagues and specific I&D training for all leaders. In 2020, our Diversity of Thought initiative was launched to all colleagues with a library of materials to shine a light on the benefits of diversity of thought and help enable conversations that will make tangible progress on valuing visible difference and recognising the importance of invisible differences; acknowledging that the things that make us truly diverse are the ways we think, and the way we all approach situations with a different point of view.
  • Reaching our 2020 I&D target to have 25% female leaders and making good progress against our target of 25% leaders in Asia - achieving 23% last year.
  • Resetting I&D leadership ambitions for 2025, to ensure that our leadership population is progressively reflective of the communities in which we operate:   we now aim for (1) 25% females at Executive Leadership level, (2) 33% females at broader senior leadership levels; (3) 25% of Executive Leadership roles and 30% of broader senior leadership roles to be held by Asians, base in Asia; and (4) 30% of Executive Leaders to be non-Caucasians.
  • Regularly engaging external speakers, experts and charities, and each other in order to expose all colleagues to the latest insights on Inclusion and keep our colleague community united and aligned on our key values.
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