We foster an open and inclusive culture that promotes ambition, collaboration and feedback, to drive excellent performance for our customers. Our behaviours, aligned to our core values, set the standard for what we expect from all our leaders and colleagues. They are our shared values to ensure we remain an ethical, fair, compliant, ambitious, customer centric, and responsible organisation.

  • Customer focus: Our customer’s business is our business; together we grow, sustainably and profitably.
  • Ambition: We aim high and have a sense of urgency to deliver beyond our targets.
  • Respect: We are open, honest and inclusive. We treat the communities in which we operate and the wider environment with respect.
  • Ethics: We value integrity over profit by operating to the highest standards and obeying all laws in the countries where we do business.
  • Safety: We believe that “Nobody Gets Hurt“ whilst working for Infineum is achievable.
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