We published the Infineum Group’s* first sustainability report in 2021. The report covers all of Infineum’s owned and operated locations, including our Manufacturing Plants and Business and Technology Centres. Data in the report covers the year 2020, but as this is Infineum’s first report we also cover activity commenced during 2019.

* The Infineum Group is comprised of various affiliated companies located around the world. The term “Infineum” in this report refers individually and collectively to these affiliated companies.


Sustainability Journey

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Our purpose is important to us. We are working hard to become more sustainable. Highlights of our journey: 2017 Sustainability became a key focus. We adopted an assertive strategy around these pillars. • Environmental • Social • Economic 2019 All sites fully committed to Responsible Care principles. Corporate environmental footprint measured against improvement targets. Improvements made to responsible sourcing by working with our suppliers in a smarter way. 2020 All of our Infineum owned manufacturing sites certified to Environmental Standard ISO 14001. More sustainability incorporated into product development decisions using clever tools. Life Cycle Assessments completed on 100% of Infineum products. Environmental improvements are measured. Set challenging Sustainability goals by 2025: • Zero harm to our people and the environment • 100% sustainable design solutions for our products • Sustainability assessments in more than 80% of our supply chain • More than 20% reduction in carbon emissions in our operations • Achieve more than 75% Colleague Engagement Score. • Increase colleague volunteering to support local communities Infineum SDGs: • Four Sustainable Development Goals identified as key focus areas. • Ongoing conversations with customers about their sustainability needs. 2021 Joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). And we’re planning more: Portfolio Sustainability Assessments to guide our product and component developments. Looking at GHG emissions focusing on end-to-end impacts and improvements. Working to reduce transportation and distribution emissions in our supply chain. Published Infineum’s first sustainability report. Together we are working towards a more sustainable world.