We want to help others reduce their impact.

Many of our customers have reached out to us to ask for help and support from their supply chain. It is important for us to add value in this area and to collaborate throughout the value chain.

We expect to collaborate even more  in the future as Infineum and our customers set ever more ambitious climate reduction targets.

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We want to keep employees safe.

We are leaders in process safety*, appearing in the top 10% of the chemical industry. Our number one priority is ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’.

*By ‘process industry,’ we mean industries where chemical processes play a key role. For example, the chemicals industry, refining and metallurgy activities.

**Total Recordable Injuries Rate (TRIR) is a measure of occupational safety, expressed as the total number of recordable illnesses and injuries per 100 full-time colleagues per calendar year.

The word “recordable” is used as not all injuries and illnesses are included; recordable incidents include fatalities, lost time injuries, restricted work cases and medical treatment injuries, as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. First Aid injuries are not included.

The total number of recordable injuries per year are divided by the number of working hours for the same period, multiplied by 200,000.

We want to offer a supportive working environment that fosters diversity of thought and creativity.

2021 employee engagement score: 71%

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We want to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2021 we continued to build our global resource efficiency programme. This aims to improve energy, water and waste and thereby reduce our carbon footprint. In 2022 we will continue to work on improving our understanding.

In 2021 we reduced our carbon emissions from our own operations by 8.5% per metric ton of product, compared to 2018.

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We are collaborating with suppliers on sustainability.

We have around 3,000 suppliers, and we do business with more than twenty off-site processors and custom manufacturers. We work on driving sustainability improvements  together.

62% of our relevant procurement spend has been assessed by EcoVadis*.

*EcoVadis is a trusted assessor and provider of business sustainability ratings.

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We want to have a positive impact in the places we operate.

We allow every employee one extra day of annual leave to promote and encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills in the next generation, and deliver a positive impact to the communities where we operate. In 2021, 12% of employees participated.

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