Driving resource efficiency in our operations and supply chain has been a priority for many years, with initiatives focused on sustainability benefits and cost savings.  We aim for the highest standards in waste reduction, and all sites are working to reduce hazardous waste and waste to landfill.

Action on resource efficiency and waste includes:

  • Adopting the highest standards in waste management to meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Re-using and recycling material streams in production processes to minimise use of virgin materials and optimise yields.
  • Reducing hazardous waste and our already minimal waste to landfill.

Our waste generation increased during 2020 due to a number of factors, including improved data quality and major waste clear-outs at all sites as part of local efficiency drives.

Raw material utilisation optimisation

Our Manufacturing Plants have adopted a continuous improvement approach to steward process units yield and mass balancing. As part of this, all sites are periodically reviewed against target yields and best achievable/best technology Bill of Materials. In 2020 this process was revised, and improvements were made to solidify a more focused approach through more advanced digital capabilities and tools, further optimising the use of raw materials and reducing waste going forward.

Reducing single-use plastic in offices

Infineum’s UK-based environmental team, Actions Change Trends (ACT) encourages and supports the company and colleagues in implementing environmental initiatives at our Milton Hill site. With a newly appointed chair and team members, ACT invited site colleagues to share their environmental improvement suggestions via Infineum’s collaboration platform, used to share and build ideas and maximise our potential impact. Similar environmental teams are in place at other Infineum sites around the world.

One of the successful initiatives created through our ACT team was work to reduce single-use plastic waste, much of it generated by coffee machines dispensing plastic cups across site. ACT provided all staff with reusable KeepCups, ensuring safety and encouraging colleagues to move away from disposable cups. This initiative was further supported by installing new coffee machines that don’t dispense plastic cups, and our restaurant replacing takeaway cutlery with reusable alternatives. Results were impressive, with a massive reduction in single-use plastic waste. Similar initiatives have been implemented at other Infineum sites around the world.

Significant drop in 2020 due to few people on site.

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