Infineum is a responsible business. Our culture is built on strong ethical values. In everything we do, we pride ourselves on maintaining safe systems and supply chains, building lasting and responsible relationships with our partners, suppliers, and customers, and creating a sound and resilient organisation for the future.

Responsibility in our operations support our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13 - Responsible Consumption and Production, and Climate Action, respectively. Our work on Human Health and Wellbeing (SDG3) helps us in making a positive impact within the global and local communities where we operate. Our collaborative approach aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 - Partnerships for the Goals.

Our goals:

Collaborate with our suppliers to accelerate environmental and social improvements across the value chain
Building a responsible supply chain is vital to sustaining a resilient and successful
business. We will increase supply chain transparency and provide assurance of sustainability compliance with relevant suppliers, using the independent EcoVadis rating as a collaborative platform.

of relevant spend to be covered by sustainability assessments.


Zero harm to our people and the environment
‘Nobody gets hurt’ is Infineum’s highest priority. Personal safety, health, process safety and environmental protection are already embedded into our ways of working. We focus on incident prevention and leading indicators to protect people and the environment. With the 2025 target of ‘zero harm’, we are aiming for no personal, no process and no environmental incidents.

*TRIR = Total Recordable Incident Rate

Action on the way we do business includes:

  • Engaging our customer base on sustainability.
  • Collaborating with our suppliers - with a target of 80% of relevant spend to be covered by sustainability assessments by 2025.
  • Driving human rights compliance through our code of conduct.
  • Ensuring data security keeps pace with evolving risks.
  • Ensuring good governance and management of risk.