At Infineum, we care not just that results are obtained, but how they are obtained. Our five core values of Customer Focus, Ambition, Respect for People, Ethics and Safety underpin everything we do. First and above all, Infineum CARES

Carl Howard, General Counsel

Infineum complies with applicable laws and reporting in jurisdictions where we do business. In addition, we believe our reputation for scrupulous dealing is a priceless company asset and, in this regard, we choose the course of the highest integrity even where the law is permissive. Our Code of Conduct includes our Business Ethics Core Policy and encompasses our commitment to operate safely, respect the law, protect the environment, operate ethically and without conflicts of interest, treat each colleague with respect, and to manage in good faith the assets and responsibilities with which we have been entrusted. These are commitments that each colleague makes as part of their decision to work at Infineum.

Action on business ethics includes:

  • Strict observance of all laws applicable to our business, including support for the principles of international organisations with respect to efforts to combat bribery and corruption; the expectation to pass up opportunities or advantages that would sacrifice ethical standards; a prohibition on offering, soliciting, accepting or paying any bribe, “facilitation payment”, kickback or other improper payment; the promotion and expectation of similar anti-bribery/corruption standards from our business partners; accurate record keeping; and reporting actual or potential violations of laws, regulations or Infineum’s Code of Conduct.
  • Comprehensive training for all relevant colleagues and contractors on Infineum’s core policies and associated behaviours, including; a role-based package of mandatory training on business ethics topics, covering anti-bribery and corruption, international trade / anti-boycott, and anti-trust considerations, complementing our Controls Awareness training for all colleagues and contractors on Infineum’s policies, procedures and systems.
  • Ensuring guidance and support on business ethics is available around-the-clock to Infineum colleagues.
  • Reviews of our Management Systems by our internal audit function to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct.
  • Empowering and encouraging colleagues to report potential violations of the law, regulations or Code of Conduct via a variety of channels within the company, including a 24/7 independently provided reporting hotline for colleagues who prefer to raise concerns anonymously and confidentially.
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