We are committed to delivering our brand to our customers: ‘Performance you can rely on’. We are building robust and meaningful customer relationships while engaging and sharing knowledge on sustainability issues and opportunities with our customers. This ensures we mutually advance our customers' sustainability ambitions as well as our own and are making progress towards SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals.

For many customers, a clearly stated and appropriately measured commitment to sustainability is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of any relationship with a strategic supplier. We believe our first sustainability report is a key step in meeting an increasingly important customer need

Bruce Royan, Infineum Commercial Director

Action on customer engagement includes:

  • Engaging with core customers to discuss our sustainability targets and how customers can achieve their sustainability goals through product offerings in the marketplace.
  • Undertaking Life Cycle Assessments on key Infineum products and sharing the analysis with customers to help them assess the wider sustainability credentials of their finished goods.
  • Agreement on several bespoke collaborative customer programmes aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the next generation of products.
  • Encouraging an increase in sales of engine oils for stationary gas engines, used specifically for the generation of cleaner energy via the burning of natural gas.
  • Localising production where possible, utilising local components, adopting larger blends in our own plants and supporting customer’s similar endeavours to maximise plant efficiency and optimising supply chains, all for the purpose of reducing the number of trucks and containers in-transit.
  • Educating our customers on market, vehicle, engine and emission trends through our global training events, providing an opportunity for our customers to learn about the sustainability of Infineum product solutions.
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