We ensure that Infineum is and will remain a well-managed and profitable company by upholding good corporate governance. Accountability is stewarded through quality business processes, internal controls, and internal and external audits at all levels across the business enterprise. The Infineum Board of Directors and Corporate Leadership Team oversee major investments, risk management, compliance and controls, sustainability goals and activities, and our safe and profitable long-term plans, all in furtherance of our strategies, goals, values and purpose.

Action on governance includes:

  • Maintaining policies and guidelines including:
    • Code of Conduct (including our Core Policies), which incorporates our key legal and policy statements that describes the basic rules, standards and behaviours colleagues are expected to follow when working for and conducting business on behalf of Infineum;
    • General Controls Guidelines which set out principles, concepts, and standards for an effective system of management control;
    • Authority Manuals governing our day-to-day decision-making processes.
  • Maintaining our Quality Procedures setting out step-by-step operating procedures necessary to perform quality-critical tasks in each regional organisation or local site.

  • Ensuring quality and integrity of our accounting, auditing, and internal controls, including via oversight by the Audit sub-committee of our Board of Directors.
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