Infineum supports the protection of and respects universal human rights, including but not limited to those of our colleagues, the communities in which we operate, and the parties with whom we do business, and condemns human rights abuses of any kind. We are committed to the prevention and eradication of human trafficking, modern slavery, and all other humanitarian crimes, and believe that such behaviour should not be tolerated in any part of a business or supply chain.

In this regard, we endeavour to ensure that our company and our supply chain adhere to the highest ethical standards, our colleagues and contractors are treated fairly and respected, and that our suppliers conduct themselves similarly. Our Code of Conduct sets out our position on human rights and modern slavery, through our Statement on Human Rights and Modern Slavery, with adherence expected from Infineum colleagues and suppliers at all times.

Action on human rights includes:

  • Incorporating our Statement on Human Rights and Modern Slavery into our Code of Conduct, including our support and respect for the protection of universal human rights and condemnation of human rights abuses of any kind.
  • Induction training on the Code of Conduct (including the Statement on Human Rights and Modern Slavery) for all colleagues, which is repeated every three years. All colleagues are reminded annually of their responsibilities under the Code of Conduct and are expected to report to the organisation any violation or suspected violation of the Statement on Human Rights and Modern Slavery of which they become aware.
  • Publishing, and updating annually, our UK Modern Slavery Act and California Transparency in Supply Chain Statement on the website to set out Infineum’s condemnation of human trafficking, slavery, and other forms of human rights abuse and to describe various initiatives and activities we undertake to ensure no such issues in our supply chain.
  • Clear communication to our suppliers of our expectation that they adopt and maintain a similar approach to human rights and modern slavery, including via our Supplier Quality Assurance Manual for suppliers and annual written reminders to our suppliers.
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