Infineum’s process safety performance is excellent. We recorded only one “Tier 1” event and three “Tier 2” events in 2019, and two “Tier 1” event and four “Tier 2” events in 2020, according to ANSI-API RP754 Code, the American Petroleum Industry Recommended Practice – Process Safety Performance Indicators for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry. Our spills performance in 2019, at 5.4t, was the lowest we have ever recorded, and we have lowered the spill reporting level to 20kg since 2018. In 2020, volume spilled rose to 44.4t; all spills have been contained and treated within site with no negative impact on the environment. We report every Authority Notifiable Environmental Incident. The 2019 (two) and 2020 (three) incidents have had very limited impact, resulting in no or limited fines. 

Action on process safety includes:

  • Applying rigorous management processes which involve the identification and prevention of the key hazards under the guidance of our Global Process Safety Network.
  • Designing facilities according to rigorous standards.
  • Selecting and training colleagues and contractors to operate and maintain the facilities safely.
  • Careful management of change.
  • Thorough investigation and analysis of every incident to extract and share globally any valuable learning.

Responsible Care Global Charter

To continue improving and solidifying our commitment to HSE, in line with our Global HSE Policy, all our Manufacturing Plants and Business and Technology Centres have become signatories to the Responsible Care Global Charter - the global unifying commitment for the chemical industry to the safe management and handling of chemicals throughout their life cycle.

Responsible Care and strong chemical management have always been an integral part of the way we operate, and is embedded into our own management systems for how we manage HSE. Becoming a signatory allows us to proactively support safe chemical management, influence our business partners, strengthen chemical management systems globally and safeguard our colleagues, the community and the environment.

How we manage our chemicals safely

The Product Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance Team is responsible for ensuring our products are safe and compliant, enabling them to be commercialised swiftly and profitably. They collaborate closely with other functions to ensure that our current products comply with existing global regulations, and crucially, they play a pivotal role in ensuring our future product pipelines will be compliant with future regulations.

Actions on chemical safety includes:

  • Monitoring new and changing regulations and product information and assessing the impact for Infineum of legislation changes.
  • Communicating changes clearly and in a timely fashion to ensure profitable and compliant business continuity.
  • Delivering new products to market safely, speedily and smoothly and promoting new technology to customers ahead of competition.
  • Safeguarding colleagues and customers alike by generating critical information necessary to ensure our products can be handled safely and comply with applicable chemical safety laws.
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