The Performance Testing Coordinator will work in the Global Engineering Team reporting directly to an Engineer within the Marketing and Technology group. This group delivers a high quality and innovative service providing solutions to the Technology Group, which has responsibility for the development of new lubricants.
A critical part of this development process is to demonstrate the performance of these lubricant technologies in the real world in tests that are designed to have severe operating conditions in harsh environments. The results are then shared with our customers and OEMs.

The Performance Testing Coordinator is responsible for designing and organising these activities from interpreting the Technology Group’s needs through to the engine inspection. You will work closely with key suppliers and customers. The variety of work will provide the successful candidate with a great opportunity to develop both technical and non-technical skills. Training will be provided where required.

Key Outputs: What we can expect from you
  • Work closely with the Engineer and the Technologists to design and coordinate their field testing requirements.
  • Coordinate the field testing activities with external contacts (i.e. vehicle manufacturers and external vehicle operators).
  • Develop cost estimates for field trials and closely monitor the costs of trials in operation.
  • Assist in setting up field trials using external fleet testing organizations.
  • Administer the field trials, maintaining close control over the operation and used oil analysis monitoring.
  • Provide technical report of the outcomes of field trials to the Technologists.
  • Provide diagnostic and root cause analysis support for internal and external field test owners. 
  • Any additional responsibilities as assigned.
What skills will you gain from this role?
  • Oil and fuel analytical techniques & interpretation of data training
  • Exposure to engine manufacturers (OEM) and our customers future lubrication development needs
  • Further development of negotiation and influencing skills through the interaction with Vice Presidents & General Managers of Logistic and Service Entities
  • Training at Engine OEMs/Dealers on future engine models and control systems
  • Program management skills as related to the management of multiple field test sites
  • Leadership skills as related to the supervision of engine installation and disassembly activities performed by dealership and fleet service technicians
A successful candidate is likely to have:
  • Strong knowledge of Heavy Duty and Passenger Car engines 
  • Knowledge of running Field Tests applying an analytical approach to aid in data analysis and problem solving
  • Collaborative and works well within a team
  • Excellent communication skills that is able to bridge the gap between Engineering and Chemistry, i.e. explain issues in simple terms
  • Attention to detail, completes and documents activities in a timely manner 
  • Ability to work in an ambiguous environment and different cultures
  • Familiarization with the inner workings of Dealership and Fleet Service organizations 
  • Knowledge of engine components
  • Engine component rating and measurement techniques

Closing Date

17 May 2019


New Jersey, USA

Role Function and Group

Global Field Testing Group

Application process

Performance you can rely on.