The Shift Team Leader (STL) is responsible for and oversees a team of chemical technicians involved in the manufacture of products that involve complex processes and automation systems that require significant knowledge and skills. The plant operates 24 hours, he and his team will monitor and manage all aspects of safety, quality, and emergency response during his shift. He will need to coach, mentor and motivate his team to bring out the best in them so as to contribute towards business objectives.

Key Outputs: What we can expect from you
  • Supervises and co-ordinates the activities of his team during shift so that operating targets are met safely and efficiently and that all products are of the highest quality. Elements of OIMS and GME forms part of this STL role.

  • Must have in depth knowledge and experience with operating procedures of all units in the plant. Will use his experience and in consultation with Boardmen and Business Unit Leaders/Unit Coordinators, implement measures to address non-routine situations in the production process.

  • Good knowledge of all the process equipment and mode of operation for good troubleshooting skills.

  • In depth knowledge of all the hazardous material containment systems and the procedures to handle such chemicals during emergencies and routine operations.

  • Contributes to the plant safety by ensuring that safety practices are followed and by making recommendations to Plant Management on new safety measures or changes to existing measures. An important feature of his safety duties is to carry out and report on scheduled safety drills and lead team safety meetings.

  • Ensure that operations are optimized and environmental standards are met by monitoring operations and by close communication with the Business Unit Leaders/Unit Coordinators and Contact Engineers.

  • Reports on and follows up on incidents and near misses during his shift. Will need to do an initial root cause analysis and feedback to Management on preventive measures.

  • Conduct training for technicians for improved competence and enhanced performance as part of his team grooming cum development efforts.

  • Must be a motivated individual who is constantly making efforts to keep himself updated with the changes in the business environment.

  • Any additional responsibilities as assigned

What skills will you gain from this role?
  • Further broaden his knowledge of and involvement with Infineum Manufacturing

  • Build and develop strong leadership skills

  • Gain valuable knowledge of product manufacturing processes

  • Build analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Develop and demonstrate influencing skills in dealing with own team members and cross-functional teams

A successful candidate is likely to have:


  • Must be able to motivate and lead hid shift team to execute planned production runs, prepare equipment for maintenance, and perform effective troubleshooting and root cause analysis. 

  • Ability to manage multiple work items and set priorities for self and team is required.

  • Ability to evaluate risk of non-routine and routine tasks performed by shift team



  • Demonstrated leadership capability and relevant operating plant experience (operations or maintenance) are required.

  • Experience making risk based decisions needed. 

  • Must have demonstrated a positive attitude towards change.



  • Must have basic understanding of process plant equipment operation and knowledge of OIMS and GME Opex

Closing Date

31 January 2019



Role Function and Group

Supply, Manufacturing

Application process

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