The main role of the Technical Service Analyst is to support the Technologist at customer-interface and product development work by providing testing support (including field-testing support), carrying out analytical evaluation of test results, supporting documentation of Large Engines products and claims

This Technical Service Analyst position supports the Large Engines Lubricants Technology team globally, with specific focus on supporting Singapore-based Technologists, however potentially extended to also support Large Engine Technologists located in other regions and/or countries when necessary

Key Outputs: What we can expect from you
  • Support the technologists in the planning and execution of Large Engine Lubricants technology programs. The activities include (but not limited) to development/deployment programs, rigs/bench performance formulation, field trials and field performance monitoring, etc.

  • Assist the technologist in the preparation of technical documentation, including (but not limited) to technical brochures, product performance documentation, Industry/OEM licensing, country specific registration, field trial data/reports, etc.

  • Responsible for the scheduling of blends and procurement from service providers of the analytical, bench, rig and engine tests in accordance with Infineum Procurement Guidelines, and ensuring on-time result delivery.

  • Analyse, collate and document test results and other information in the formats needed for product performance representation internally and externally.

  • When appropriate opportunities arise, assist technologists in direct customer and OEM support, including product recommendation, presentation to customers and OEM, and/or attendance to OEM approval field-trials.

  • Lead or support in specific local, regional or global quality or process improvements and QIT (i.e. quality improvement team) efforts.

  • Any additional responsibilities as assigned

What skills will you gain from this role?
  • Development in communication skills via daily exposure to global Large Engines Lubricants technology team.

  • Development in direct customer and/or OEM interface skills, and/or direct interface with Infineum Sales, providing opportunities for understanding of Infineum’s business as well as customer and OEM strategy.

  • Exposure and understanding of wide range of analytical and bench instruments, rigs, engine tests and OEM approval field-tests, and understanding of the significance of the tests on lubricant performance.

  • Knowledge in Large Engines Lubricants industry standards and practices, as well as strategy in Large Engines Lubricants technology program execution.

  • The position can be a stepping stone, for a candidate exhibiting the relevant skills, towards becoming a Technologist

A successful candidate is likely to have:
  • Diploma in science/engineering or with fundamental science background. Relevant technical skills and laboratory experience would be beneficial but not essential. 

  • Experience in the Marine or Gas Engine Industry is a plus, however not a necessity

  • Have a strong interest in the practical application of analytical and bench testing equipment.

  • Ability to work skilfully and methodically according to technical standards and quality processes.

  • Ability to work independently as part of a team, with general guidance from a supervisor.

  • Capability to accurately manage test results and technical information and maintain comprehensive records.

  • Good communication, time-management and personal organization skills.

  • Problem-solving tenacity with self- motivation to deliver the best possible outcome.

  • Customer-focused orientation.

  • Competency in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Closing Date

06 June 2019



Role Function and Group

Marketing & Technology, Large Engines Lubricants Technology

Application process

Performance you can rely on.