11 July 2018

LGBT JW 150 X 257

Infineum employees in the UK, got into the spirit of a multi-coloured event last week to demonstrate their support for an inclusive and equal society.


Members of the Inclusiveness & Diversity team organised the colourful day to show solidarity with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) community. The event also links with last week’s PRIDE parade when 500 groups marched through central London to celebrate the diversity of our community.

LBGT Cupcakes 150 X 239

Employees got into the spirit by wearing bright coloured clothes with one technologist, Joe Wheeler even buying his amazing flamingo trousers especially for the day.

Rainbow cupcakes were available with donations going to the ENOUGH campaign whose aim is to send a powerful message of hope, support and solidarity for the LGBT community. They believe that all LGBT people should be free to express their gender identity and sexuality however they choose, without fear of discrimination or hate.

Inclusiveness and diversity has become an integral part of our strategy at Infineum.  Our intent is to be an inclusive organisation helping each colleague in our diverse talent pool achieve their full potential. Many activities take place across Infineum globally to support the creation of a diverse and inclusive environment. 

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