23 May 2019

Infineum continues to build on its track record of being the first additive company to develop a diverse range of mid SAPS PCMO products for high performance and low viscosity grades, adding the following new OEM specifications to the established portfolio: Renault RN17, Volkswagen VW 511 00 and Porsche C40.

This additional coverage augments the existing wide range of Infineum products carrying many OEM claims across a broad viscosity grade range. These products are formulated using Infineum’s unique salicylate detergent technology, SV viscosity modifiers and other proprietary components.

The latest Infineum lubricants perform exceptionally in OEM and industry tests alike, and as OEMs increasingly define their own in-house requirements for their latest generation of engines, the need for tailored technology becomes ever more critical. 

Bruce Royan, Infineum Lubricants Business Manager, stated “In the constantly evolving PCMO market, our customers look to us to provide leading edge technology solutions. As OEMs push their hardware to meet ever more demanding requirements, we’re on hand to ensure lubricant technology matches the pace of change. These latest claims demonstrate how we continue to lead the way in terms of balanced performance and market coverage.”

The world of PCMO moves fast, this is why Infineum are experts in change.

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