29 May 2018

Opened in 1968, our blending plant in Rio was the first Brazilian Additives Plant, blending dispersants, viscosity modifiers and antioxidant serving our Latin American market.  Over the last fifty years, the plant has developed and grown and currently employs more than 60 people, with an excellent safety record.  This year, the team celebrated 50 years of operation and even more importantly, 25 years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

Rio Party

Infineum Brazil employees celebrated in style with a party, at a country house in Rio, some great team activities including soccer, snooker and ping pong, and some delicious food. Besides enjoying the beautiful view, they also enjoyed swimming in the pool and a live Brazilian music concert.

Peter Gilbert (Regional Executive Market Manager), José Viana (Plant Manager Rio) and Ronaldo Teixeira (HSE Leader) spoke about the important role that everyone played in such a significant safety achievement: Rio Speaches (1)

Ronaldo Teixeira (HSE Leader)
In which area do you think Infineum has developed the most over the years?
The biggest evolution has been in behaviour. Nowadays, it is clear that responsibility for safety is not only for Health, Safety, Security and Environment employees, but for every Infineum employee. People are very engaged with programmes, objectives and tools which make safety clear to everyone. Leadership support and our safety systems make a big difference in helping colleagues to understand that everyone needs to apply safety during the executions of their activities. Safety is a value, and people need to believe in prevention. When there is a committed group everything is so much easier.
José Viana (Rio Plant Manager)
What message would you like to give to the Brazilian colleagues?
For 25 years no one that works here has gone home in a different state from how they came to work. We must be very proud of that!  But pride cannot lead to complacency, we must always be very attentive, and we cannot think that we know everything. There is always something to learn so that accidents don't happen.
Peter Gilbert (Regional Executive Market Manager)
How can everyone contribute so that Infineum Brazil may reach 50 years with no accidents?
I believe that we must keep our commitment with the safety system and continue focusing on training and awareness for new colleagues and contractors. The attention to details and the right use of the tools will always be fundamental to keep moving forward.

Rio Venue

The party was a huge success and an unforgettable day for all Infineum Brazil employees.

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