05 April 2018

Events took place across the Infineum world recently to mark International Women’s Day.

Most organisers ensured those who took part were well-fed with everything from breakfast feasts and “sumptuous” lunches to celebration cakes and muffins on the menu - but it was the personal stories from women across our organisation, captured on video, which provided the inspiration.

As well as showing the videos, different sites approached the day in different ways choosing the topics they particularly wanted to highlight.


At Linden Business and Technology Centre, in the USA, Chris Locke, EVP Marketing & Technology expressed the importance of Inclusiveness & Diversity (I&D) in our corporate culture and highlighted some of the global gender gaps that still exist.  

And at Bayway Manufacturing Plant, in the USA, presentations acknowledged the need for more female representation in process and maintenance technician roles as well as at the executive level. Manufacturing Manager Karl Van Driesen highlighted that Bayway has made a step in the right direction by appointing the first woman in several years to a plant first line leader role.

Technical Manager Whee Ling Chia shared with colleagues at the Singapore Manufacturing Plant the challenges that women face in balancing work, family and domestic fronts. 

And at Milton Hill Business and Technology Centre, in the UK, colleagues dressed in purple clothes to show their support for the day. A fun interactive afternoon was filled with games, quizzes and incredible stories to unite friends, communities and colleagues and to encourage them to think, act and be gender inclusive.










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