01 November 2018

Peter Dowding, who has forged important industry relationships to increase Infineum innovation opportunities, recently gave his honorary Professor inaugural lecture at the University of Bristol.

As Principal Scientist and a member of the Innovation team at the Infineum Milton Hill site, Peter’s role involves applying complex science to industrial systems to understand phenomena that will ultimately help us to develop new products. 

His experience and connections have put him in the unique position of being able to bridge the world of academia and industry for mutual benefit.

Bristol School Of Chemistry Members And Infineum Colleagues 620X300

Peter's presentation was attended by senior members of the school of chemistry at Bristol and Infineum colleagues (as pictured) as well as many people who have collaborated with him over the year.

Professor Nick Norman and Dr Wuge Briscoe, from the University of Bristol introduced Peter as a “Visiting Industry Professor”, or VIP for short.  They talked about the importance of industry and university links and how pleased the university is with its relationship with Infineum, through Peter. The importance of industry and academia collaboration was further emphasised by Martin Sadler OBE (University of Bristol Special Advisor on Industrial Strategy).

In his speech, Peter shared interesting and sometimes funny elements of his life story that led him to his current role at Infineum and two honorary professorships.  He also has one at the University of Leeds, which provides complementary opportunities to build collaboration.
Peter mentioned how he applies his early learning from working on shampoos to our chemistry. And after sharing some of his colloid research, he spoke of his work for Infineum, coordinated through post graduate and post doctorate chemistry students at universities and other people across the industry.  This included acid neutralisation in detergents, understanding asphaltene dispersants, designing better detergents and organic friction modifiers to help improve fuel economy.

Peter plays an incredibly important role for Infineum, enabling a different level of innovation through his unique relationships with Bristol and several other universities and establishments.  We are very lucky to have him working for us

said Chris Locke, EVP Marketing and Technology.

A drinks reception and dinner followed the event and attendees enjoyed chatting about Peter’s speech and sharing ideas sparked by his presentation, which is leading to new exciting collaborations.  

Peter is the only Professor working for Infineum in the UK and this honour is testament to his constant drive to research and learn, and his ability to inspire all those around him.

Performance you can rely on.