25 September 2018

Use your passion as a driving force for change and never stop learning were powerful messages that Infineum employees in Singapore took to heart after listening to an inspirational business and community leader.

Christina Teo, the founder of a support group for women in the start-up community in Singapore, was invited to talk about her personal success and how to make an impact in both the business world and life.

Empowering 620X300Christina (third from left, bottom row) with Infineum employees



Inclusiveness and Diversity (I&D) has become an integral part of our strategy and Infineum has initiated a host of initiatives, such as inspirational talks, with the ultimate aim of helping every employee in our diverse talent pool make best use of their skills and experience to achieve their true potential. We believe it enhances our ability to succeed in all areas of our operations.


Christina started her energetic and interactive session by asking each of the 60 employees who attended to draw a graph of their lives telling their individual stories - a simple tool to trigger important reflections of where we are and what motivates and drives us at different stages of our lives.


From being a loner growing up, Christina shared her life story on how she changed herself by interacting with people who spoke a different language and came from different cultures.  She talked about the different phases of her life. These ranged from working in the corporate world to the start-up world, and she emphasised that to get what you want, you need to keep reminding yourself of what that is, at the same time embracing the changes which happen throughout life. 

Christina is not just an amazing woman with a tremendous track record of successful innovation, she went beyond that to become a community-builder and role model too,

said Andrea Isaia, Asia Pacific HR Manager.

“Combining corporate wisdom with a fun attitude, deep market knowledge with an adventurous spirit, and an easy-going style with strong charisma, she urged us all to challenge our assumptions, and equally importantly, to enjoy the personal discovery process!”

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