25 October 2017

The Infineum Italia Vado site celebrated its 50th anniversary on 5 September 2017.

Since the first colleague who was hired in May 1967, the Infineum Vado site has continued to grow thanks to the continuous technology developments and the fantastic work that has been done by the Infineum Vado team throughout the years. This has led to a significant increase in employment development, summarised by the following milestones:

In 1977 the start-up of new production units led to the number of employees reaching 130.

In 1999, with the formation of Infineum, the total number of employees increased to 156.

2002 saw the start-up of two new manufacturing units producing thermal dispersants and blend salicylate based formulations.

As a result of these changes, the number of employees has continued to grow – from 70 in 1971 to more than 200 today.

Throughout the years, the Infineum Vado site has continuously invested in people; we firmly believe in people value and to develop colleagues to create, maintain and improve the sense of integration to all work effectively together as a united team

said Enrico Bertossi, Infineum Vado Plant Manager.

The site has also played an increasingly important role in sourcing talent. Many colleagues who have started their career in Infineum Vado manufacturing have progressed into other functions of the organisation, in some cases working abroad and in global roles.

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To mark this momentous milestone Infineum Vado colleagues, family and recent retirees celebrated the occasion with an event themed - “People make the difference “. Over 240 people attended the celebration demonstrating a strong sense of belonging to Infineum.

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