Today’s crude oil, petroleum fuels and biofuels producers, refiners, blenders and marketers are operating in an era of striking changes and tighter margins.

Environmental legislation to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy is having a great impact on fuel formulations and engine system design. Infineum delivers a wide range of fuel additives that enhance existing fuel properties (such as cold flow and lubricity) and bring unique performance features to enable fuel marketers to differentiate their products. Through research and development we are continually improving our additives to meet new environmental and business challenges.

Our products have demonstrated reliable and harms-free performance over the range of fossil distillate fuels and their blends with biodiesel, and in a variety of heavy fuel oils, crude oils and waxy raffinates.   

Our portfolio encompasses the following areas:

Refinery, Pipeline and Terminal Additives – used by fuel and lubricant refiners and terminals to meet the quality and operability specifications of finished Automotive and Marine fuels, to facilitate operations within the refinery, and to deliver additional revenue and margin improvement.

Crude Oil Additives – used by crude oil producers and refiners to improve flow, reduce wax deposits and control asphaltenes in pipelines, risers, storage tanks, ships and railcars.

Biodiesel Additives – may help producers and marketers of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) to deliver high quality, consistent and superior performance in this growing field.

Fuel Borne Catalysts – enable an effective Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration, to help meet tightening particulate matter emissions legislation in varying fuel quality and driving conditions.

Lubricity Additives - restore the lubricity in distillate fuels. As a worldwide technology and market leader in lubricity additives, we offer a broad portfolio of acids and esters which have been successfully deployed in a wide range of fuels and climatic conditions.

Our fuels additive leadership means we can help refiners get more on-specification diesel out of each barrel of crude oil.

Our robust operations and global network mean we deliver with maximum reliability and minimum risk, time after time after time.

Performance you can rely on.