Heavy-duty diesel engine oil additives are designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines operating over the road or in off-highway applications such as mining and construction.

The Infineum D series can be used to formulate lubricants across the full range of engine performance requirements, up to and including the latest API, ACEA, JAMA and original OEM specifications.

When combined with our pour point depressant, viscosity modifier and supplemental engine oil additives, formulations with the Infineum D series can deliver unique performance requirements in a wide variety of base stocks.

The current API CJ-4 specification was developed to meet the increased demands of new lower emission diesel engines equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs). These engines generate hydrocarbon soot particles that can form sticky masses and increase engine oil viscosity. Our distinctive soot dispersing chemistry for API CJ-4 is built into the detergent inhibitor (DI) package and prevents soot particles from fusing together. By preventing excessive viscosity increase, this particle suspension formula allows oil drain intervals to extend beyond current performance levels.

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