Do you need a partner with a full range of ester and acid lubricity technologies that can deliver exactly what you need?

Lubricity additives are used in diesel fuel to reduce wear on engine components, particularly the fuel pump, to prevent break-down of the engine. With the advent of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), lubricity additives became a requirement in most fuels to meet the ASTM D975 specifications for diesel.

Two main chemistries are used to meet these requirements, esters and acids.

Esters have been the predominant chemistry around the world as they are able to meet target specifications in the strictest markets with the best “no harms” performance.

Acids are also widely used, especially where lubricity targets are less stringent.  Acids are generally cheaper and can meet a less severe target at a lower treat rate.

Infineum provides both ester and acid chemistry with options to allow for additive storage in cold weather without requiring heated tanks, chemistries that are approved for use on European pipelines, and both ester and acid combination additives that include conductivity improvers.

Infineum is a leader in this field with unparalleled global technical expertise.  Can we help you?


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