Infineum e-fluids making your e-mobility goals a reality

Infineum is the clear choice for all your e-fluid needs

Formulation Expertise

Proven e-fluid Technology

Excellent OEM Relationships

Testing Excellence


Unrivalled innovation

Every new application brings a new challenge. Our fluid development process combines over 20 years of experience in chemical innovation and molecule development with a host of outstanding proprietary components. Meaning we have the knowledge and processes in place to take on any new e-fluid application.

20 years of e-fluid experience

Infineum was first to market with dedicated e-mobility products, developed in conjunction with OEMs right from the start. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver exactly what you need.


We've got what it takes

We have a huge amount of experience working closely with OEMs to deliver exactly what they need. Infineum develops expertise by field testing extensively our products and pushing boundaries in this fast-moving sector of the market.

One trillion
miles of success

Infineum’s e-fluid technology has been used in 70% of the full hybrid and/or BEV vehicles produced globally in the last 20 years. Covering more than a trillion miles and proving our products deliver real world, reliable performance.


Dedicated to data

Our track record, our product innovation and our ability to solve problems share one thing in common – complete dedication to testing. We have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for both lab and field tests, as well as partnering with specialists who help us to gain unique insights for your project.

Testing excellence

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Partnerships with external specialists
  • Extensive testing capability


Setting the benchmark in e-fluids

Our new generation of e-fluids technology provides what you need.

  • Excellent anti-shudder durability
  • Excellent friction properties in presence of clutches
  • Balanced high torque and durability performance
  • Excellent material compatibility, even with newer materials
  • Optimum electrical properties allowing high voltages applications
  • Excellent wear and gear protection even at ultra-low viscosity

Infineum T4888

transmission (e-AT)

Infineum T4920

e-Continuously variable
transmission (e-CVT)

Infineum T4318

e-dual clutch
transmission (e-DCT)

Infineum T4856

Battery electric vehicles

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