A fun-filled day to learn science in Singapore

STEM - 14 12 月 2022

In line with Infineum’s Sustainability approach, our team in Singapore recently held an event to encourage young people to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Our colleagues went to a secondary school (junior high) to talk with students and pique their interest in an engineering experiment.

Engaging with more than 250 students, our team of 22 volunteers conducted an in-class exercise where students explored a problem-solving approach that focused on generating, ranking, and testing solutions. The session included a hands-on element where students built an Archimedes Screw Pump as a means to test a potential solution.

As a result of this fun-filled day where students got to experience how STEM played a role in their daily life, more than half of the students expressed an increased interest in STEM after the activity.

A survey run among the students after Infineum’s visit showed that not only did over 50% of students become more interested in STEM following the session, but also more than 80% enjoyed the presentation and the experiment, and felt they learned more about how STEM help in the real world.

Wui Kar Soon, Infineum Singapore Plant Manager said: “It was encouraging to get together with the young students and see how they were involved in team problem-solving and putting their hands to work to build and experience an engineering theory.

“I am sure also our Infineum volunteers found this experience fulfilling. Kudos to them for interacting so effectively with the students along the way and drawing out their interest to complete the mini project. We really hope that this learning will ignite their interest in STEM.”

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