Infineum celebrates its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion culture on Transgender Day of Visibility

DEI - 31 3 月 2023

To mark Transgender Day of Visibility Infineum Team in Milton Hill met renowned LGBTQ+ rights activist who came to give a talk invited by the local Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) champions.

University of Oxford’s researcher Dr Clara Barker (pictured below) is an engineer and material scientist. As a transgender woman, she advocates for LGBTQ+ diversity and women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). In 2017 she received the Points of Light award from the UK Prime Minister’s Office for her volunteer work raising awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

Transgender Day of Visibility takes place on 31 March every year to celebrate the lives and contributions of trans and non-binary people and raise awareness of discrimination they face worldwide, often under pressure to conform, change and prove their gender to others.

As part of our sustainability approach to fostering DEI in the workplace, we joined the celebration to help empower trans and non-binary people to feel free and accepted for who they are and encourage allies to voice solidarity with the trans community.

Many employees based in Milton Hill attended the event interested in learning more about diversity from an LGBTQ+ perspective with many approaching Dr Barker to thank her and share their own life experience and journey.

Dr Barker said: “It was great to be invited to Infineum to talk about how we can improve diversity in the workplace.

We still don’t have the right diverse mix in STEM. Workplaces have become more open to diversity over the years, but there are still barriers on the career path which cause companies to lose diverse talent along the way. It’s time to make the work environment more equitable and inclusive rather than just diverse.

When we make people feel accepted for whatever they want to be, they feel happy at work and thrive leading to advancements in science that wouldn’t happen otherwise.”

Infineum DEI champion and organiser of the talk Marios Christodoulides said: “I am very happy with the outcome of the event, and I feel proud to work for a company that it’s very forward-looking in its approach to DEI.

As DEI champions, we strive to celebrate the diverse community of Infineum colleagues in its entirety. Through equitable actions, such as giving Clara a platform for all of us to learn and relate to, we aspire to drive inclusion and in turn the sense of belonging.”

Infineum Global HR Director Roberto Ponte said: “Supporting the cause for LGBTQ+ inclusion is entirely in line with the Infineum culture of ‘CARES’, and it’s also good for the business. Embracing the LGBTQ+ community and their unique perspectives and experiences can lead to increased innovation, creativity and results.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure all colleagues feel respected and valued, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Thanks to the Milton Hill DEI Champions, and Marios in particular, for organising the talk and to Dr Barker for her inspiring speech.”

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