Infineum ‘Choose To Challenge’ to support International Women’s Day

DEI - 12 3 月 2021

This year’s International Women’s Day has once again been the inspiration for a series of events across Infineum sites including celebrating working mothers, talking about leadership and personally taking action for equality.

A virtual event in Singapore, offered insights and celebrated the contribution made by working mothers.

Women from across Infineum, shared their personal experiences and challenges from being a working mother.

They covered a host of topics including returning to work after maternity leave and tips on how partners can support the women in their lives. Key takeaways included:

“If we keep quiet, no one is going to read our minds or fight for us. Dare to speak up for yourself.”

“We define our own success and shouldn’t be afraid of judgement”

Audience feedback following the session was very positive, with many attendees expressing their admiration for the speakers.

“We believe that diverse and inclusive teams will drive our performance and growth,” concluded Team Leader and Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Champion Gabriel Ho. “The achievements of our speakers are an inspiration to us all and to women everywhere.”

A similar approach was taken in the USA, where four senior female leaders shared their thoughts on leadership and the importance of inclusion and diversity during a panel discussion.

In the UK, the I&D champions shared resources encouraging colleagues to #ChooseToChallenge by examining their own behaviours and using individual privileges and powers to be a workplace ally, not only for women but for all underrepresented groups.

External speaker and psychologist Sharon Feder led a self-esteem focused discussion for our colleagues in Brazil. The session highlighted the role women play in society and shared the importance of tools like support networks.

In France, colleagues held an event to discuss research trends indicating a rise in the gendered division of domestic chores during Covid-19 lockdowns. Best practice and learnings were shared on living through lockdown and on how colleagues could support their partners.

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